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ROLLING STONES 1975 Metamorphosis

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Год записи: 1975
Страна: UK
Лэйбл (Cat.#): Decca Records SLK 1975
Формат: CD
Содержание: Out Of Time (Mick Jagger Solo-Version) / Don't Lie To Me / Some Things Just Stick In Your Mind / Every And Everyday Of The Year / Heart Of Stone (First Version) / I'd Much Rather Be With The Boys / (Walkin' Thru') The Sleepy City / We're Wasting Time / Try A Little Harder / I Don't Know Why / If You Let Me / Jiving Sister Fanny / Down Town Suzie / Family / Memo From Turner (Mick Jagger Solo-Single) / I'm Going Down Bonus Tracks: Blue Turns To Grey (Version 1) / Da Doo Ron Ron / Hear It (Instrumental) / I Know / Something Just Stick In Your Mind (Basic Mix-No Overdubs) / Each And Everyday Of The Year (Basic Mix-No Overdubs) / I'd Much Rather Be With The Boys (Basic Mix-No Overdubs) / (Walkin' Thru') The Sleepy City (Basic Mix-No Overdubs) / We're Wasting Time (Basic Mix-No Overdubs) / Medley: Just Made My Day, Funny Guy, Be The One, Much In Love, Hold Your Hand, A Doo Lang, Boy Meets A Girl, No One Knows
Примечание:digipack / promotional copy
Стиль: classic rock