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FAMILY OF LOVE 1977 The Bible - A Rock Testament

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Год записи: 1977
Страна: USA
Лэйбл (Cat.#): Polydor Records PD 2 9301
Формат: 2LP
Содержание: Old Testament: Greatest Story / Garden Of Love / Cain And Abel / Noah / Father Of Faith / They've Got To Be Free / The Commandments / Beyond The Years / The Land Across The River / Love Will Grow / Perfect Man / Shepherd Boy / I Will Not Fear / All Is Vanity / Prophet Of Doom / Opening The Book / Build It Again / I Can Hardly Wait For The Day
New Testament: There Is Born A Child / Change Your Ways / Come And Follow Me / Words From The Mountain / Born Again / Law Of Love / I Hope Your Know / Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled / What Did He Do To You? / Thy Will Be Done / It Is Finished / He Is Risen - Tell Thw Whole World
Примечание: gatefold / booklet
Стиль: folk rock; pop rock