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ALMITRI, DEL 1995 Twisted

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Год записи: 1995
Страна: Germany
Лэйбл (Cat.#): A&M 540 396 2
Формат: 2CD
Содержание: Food For Songs / Start With Me / Here And Now / One Thing Left To Do / Tell Her This / Being Somebody Else / Roll To Me / Crashing Down / It Might As Well Be You / Never Enough / It's Never Too Late To Be Alone / Driving With The Brakes On / Disc 2 Live CD / Hatful Of Rain (Live) / When I Want You (Live) / Crashing Down (Live) / Move Away Jimmy Blue (Live) / The Ones That You Love Lead You Nowhere (Live) / Stone Cold Sober (Live)

Стиль: alternative rock